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Helpful Facts: Instant Coffee

Instant coffee, also known as soluble coffee, instant coffee powder, and concentrated coffee, is a powdered drink derived from roasted coffee beans that allow individuals to instantly prepare hot coffee within minutes by adding just hot water or ice to the powdered crystals or powder and stirring thoroughly. Instant coffee has many benefits over older forms of powdered coffee. Instant coffee is typically made with whole bean coffee that doesn't lose flavor or aroma when heated to commercial standards, it has little or no caffeine after the first minute of brewing, and it doesn't have any sediment that can settle in the filter basket, resulting in less efficient brewing. Instant coffee can be consumed immediately without waiting for the sediment to settle, and it often tastes better than powdered instant coffee because the coffee used is of better quality and the individual tastes of different brands vary. Information concerning Sandy Springs, GA can be discovered here.

In addition to its many benefits, some health advocates claim that drinking instant coffee contains too many calories and has little benefit to the body besides occasional, brief, albeit satisfying, a burst of energy. The controversy regarding these claims centers on two main points: first, how much is enough, and second, what are the effects of long-term consumption of coffee on health. It's believed that people should limit their daily consumption of coffee to one or two cups per day since there is evidence that it contains caffeine, which may be excreted from the body in several ways, some of which are potentially harmful. On the other hand, experts who support consuming coffee believe that it has beneficial effects on health and that people should strive to drink at least four cups of coffee per day for the best benefits.


Instant coffee can come in many different flavors, but the most common types are light brown (it), black, green, and decaf. Instant coffee can also come in smaller packets, such as three-ounce single-serving packs, or in larger jars, such as a six-ounce package. There are several brands of instant coffee available both nationally and internationally. Most packages include instructions for making one cup at a time, which is helpful so you don't have to guess how much to put in.