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The Coffee Industry in India

Organic Boomi instant coffee gets its outstanding taste from being grown under the most favorable conditions in the mountains of India.  Nothing is left to chance – it has the best soil to produce the best flavor, it has the best growing conditions to produce the best flavor, and it has the best native farmers who care about the flavor of their beans.  India is it.

How Did This Start?

Back in 1670, there was a Sufi saint called Baba Budan.  Legend has it that he brought coffee beans from Yemen back to the hilly area of Chikmagalur in southern India.  Indian shade coffee has a reputation for being the best tasting coffee globally, which is why Boomi only uses the beans from India.  

Baba Budan was considered a hero to the Indian people at the time.  Supposedly he smuggled out seven (sacred number) green coffee seeds from Yemen by hiding them in his beard.  At the time, it was illegal to take green coffee seeds out of Arabia. Arabia only allowed coffee to leave the country in the form of a roasted or boiled bean to prevent germination so that other countries could not start their own coffee production.  He took great risks to bring coffee to India.

So of course, India started their own coffee production. Initially, coffee was primarily grown in the southern states of India.  Today, the areas of the eastern coast of Indian, such as Andhra Pradesh and Orissa, have become more important in the production of coffee beans from India. 

Nowadays, there are over a quarter-million coffee growers in India; almost all of them are small growers. Many of these farms are only about 10 acres in size.  Nearly 80% of the coffee produced by these small growers is exported.

Big Agriculture

As always, profit is king.  More and more huge plantations were planted in India by the English colonists.  By 1942, the Indian government stepped in to try to protect the small farmers.  They established the Coffee Board of India, which pooled the coffees of all the small growers and took control of coffee export within India.  

Fortunately, in 1994 new laws allowed large and small growers to sell their coffee either in India or overseas.  Today there are about 867,000 acres of coffee in India.  

Profits Again

Over the last twenty years, the better-tasting Arabica beans have been replaced by more and more plantings of robusta beans.  Because robusta beans have higher yields, robusta beans are more popular with growers.  Fortunately for us, however, Boomi instant coffee never uses the inferior robusta beans.  Boomi is 100% arabica.  

Organic Growers

The Boomi organic growers in India often plant cardamom, cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg between their coffee trees. One of the benefits of intercropping is that the coffee picks up the wonderful aromas and flavors of all the different plants that grow around them.  This is one of the reasons that Boomi coffee tastes so much better than other coffees.

Now that you know how Boomi gets the very best organic instant coffee, you will enjoy that cup of coffee even more.

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