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Fun Facts About Araku Coffee

Araku Coffee is perhaps one of the most coveted coffee-producing regions in South Asia. Grown exclusively by local tribals of the Araku Valley located in Andhra Pradesh and marketed through one of the biggest fair-trade and organic cooperatives, Araku Coffee continues to be as much a part of the local economy as it is about sustainable farming and social responsibility. Araku Coffee's sustainability is rooted not only in the regional agricultural production but also in the principles of tribal cooperative development and environmental tourism. Araku Coffee cooperatives protect their communal lands, improve their eco-systems, and produce an array of specialty coffee crops, including Araku Dhun, Araku Kulfi, Araku Lupu, and Araku Ulatkambal. Sandy Springs, GA information can be seen at this link.

In Bangalore, Araku Coffee has long since rivaled both Darjeeling and Assam blends in terms of richness. However, Araku Coffee still lacks that authentic Bengali taste; instead, it has been widely recognized as a cheaper alternative to Darjeeling and Assam coffees. This cheap perception, however, belies Araku Coffee's resilience and adaptability to changing tastes. Today, Araku Coffee blends have hit the market as favorites for people who love coffee with a hint of spirituality.

Araku Coffee derives its name from the Araku River, which flows in and around the state of Kerala in India. Araku River supplies Araku town with water and naturally fertile soil conducive for coffee cultivation. In the early years, Araku was actually a trading post for indigestion and other local food requirements. The name "Araku" means "water place." Thus, Araku Coffee was born. Today Araku Coffee continues to be made with the same quality standards it has always held.

Araku Coffee has an earthy aroma and flavor reminiscent of cardamom, cumin, coconut, caramel, and spicy chilies. It also has a light aroma and flavor of licorice. The coffee beans used are hand-picked and then carefully processed to preserve as much of their flavor as possible. Araku Coffee makes use of small-leaf tea bushes that grow in close proximity to the coir fibers, which make Araku a perfect Instant Coffee variety for preserving its flavor and aroma.

Typically, Araku Instant Coffee comes in two types: single-cup and double-cup. A single cup Araku is a milder version of Araku Coffee grown on smaller plantations in the Araku Valley, while the double cup Araku Coffee comes from huge plantations that yield thousands of bags of coffee each year. A double cup is considered to be a gourmet coffee blend, thus the higher cost. In most cases, double cup Araku is obtained from small, high-mountain farms in the Araku valley.

Araku Coffee beans are usually hand-picked, hand-distilled, and fired at 400 degrees until they reach perfection. Araku Coffee's flavor begins to develop immediately after being roasted. Due to its complex nature, Araku Coffee can vary seasonally, often appearing closer to full strength during the cold months and closer to light in the warmer months. Single-cup Araku Coffee, which is produced on small, independent farms, does not undergo the same roasting process.

Although Araku Coffee has its roots in the state of Karnataka, it enjoys widespread popularity across Australia, South Africa, and the United States. Araku Coffee's flavor has also made it popular in other parts of Asia, including India, where the semi-translucent berry produces a light, sweet aroma, slightly more than coffee. Another region in which Araku Coffee excels is Indonesia, which is the largest producer of Araku Coffee in the entire world. Java is the most popular variety of Araku Coffee in Australia, due largely to the low cost of importing Araku Coffee beans from other countries and the lack of processing necessary to extend its flavor. Araku Coffee continues to grow in demand, making it an ideal addition to any cup of coffee.

Araku Coffee's reputation as a premium coffee has made it extremely popular with cafes and restaurants. A cafe in Brisbane, for example, features Araku on its menu. Araku Coffee's variety of uses has also made it a popular choice for home use. Araku Coffee can be used to make a variety of beverages, such as iced coffee, instant coffee, lattes, and even camping coffee, thanks to its unique flavor and aroma. Araku Coffee's versatility has made it one of Australia's best-kept secrets.