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Araku Coffee is the leading premium coffee roasted in the heart of the Indian countryside. It is said to be one of the world's finest coffees and is widely available across India, Sri Lanka, Japan, and many other Asian nations. Araku Coffee plantations cover an area of more than thirteen thousand square kilometers and have been cultivated since ancient times. In its traditional form, Araku is a dark roasted Arabica bean. Today Araku Coffee is often available in blends including light and medium roasts. More can be found here.

Araku Coffee's fame has spread worldwide and now Araku Coffee is known as Kona in Hawaii, City in England, and Kopi Luwak in Thailand. Araku Coffee is known to contain natural antioxidants that are good for your health as well as help with weight loss. Araku is also known to be a source of good caffeine, which makes it an ideal drink during the day. Recently, Araku has been one of the fastest-growing cuisines in India. In alignment with these fast-paced developments, Araku has launched many new roasting machines to keep pace. As of late, Araku Coffee's popularity has increased in Sri Lanka, where Araku is known as Silva Jaya, and in Australia, where it is locally known as Arundel.

Araku Instant Coffee is one of the top premium coffees in the world. However, Araku is farmed by tribal communities, who cultivate it according to their customs and beliefs. The tribal farmers work long hours, sometimes two or three days per week, cultivating hundreds of acres of land. In this way, Araku Coffee is able to bring new varieties and flavors to coffee lovers across the world.

Araku Coffee originates from the bustling towns and bustling villages of the predominantly tribals in the middle of the desert in the Northern region of Sri Lanka. The fertile land on which the coffee lies is shared by more than 2000 families. Araku's fertile soil harbors fertile valleys, which are perfect for growing coffee. The valley's terrain and climate create a perfect environment for the cultivation of coffee beans, allowing farmers to continue producing the best tasting beans in the world.

Tribals have traditionally relied on the fair price and high quality of Araku Coffee as their sole source of income. Araku Coffee farmers earn a living by selling the freshly picked coffee beans they personally pick and dry themselves. Araku's unique product, rich aroma, sweet taste, and affordable price have made it a very popular beverage in Sri Lanka and the rest of the island. For years, the coffee traders and plantation workers of Araku had built a strong network, forming a partnership that has enabled the tribal farmers to continue their livelihoods and maintain the Araku community. In return for this, the plantation workers receive fair wages and work to support their families. In many instances, Araku Coffee Farmers has even provided housing and education for their workers and children.

Araku Coffee's success is the direct result of Araku's regenerative agriculture model. This regenerative agriculture system concentrates on cultivating a specific kind of coffee bean called Araku, which is known for its high antioxidant content and helps the soil and its ecosystem to regenerate. By cultivating Araku, the tribal farmers are able to use their land in many different ways including grazing and farming. They are not limited to just one source of income because Araku Coffee grows very well off the land and can be easily be mixed with other kinds of coffee crops. Araku Coffee farmers are also aware of the fact that Araku Coffee's scarcity would not prevent them from continuing with their livelihoods. Since Araku Coffee is a cash crop, the tribal farmers will always have the option of selling their crops at a market rate higher than the original amount.

Araku Coffee's unique environmental and biological makeup makes it a perfect choice to cultivate in an environmentally and socially conscious manner. In addition to this, Araku Coffee farmers and their cooperatives remain within the boundaries of the coffee farming communities where they grow their crops. This ensures both quality products as well as social sustainability for their livelihoods.

Araku Coffee's economic model is also the product of generations of sharing economy. Araku Coffee Growers are members of cooperatives that pool resources and make profits based on the collective efforts of the family farms. The Araku Coffee cooperative farms are collectively involved in farming, processing, marketing, and distributing their product through a system of regional markets. Araku cooperatives ensure that their sales staff have fair wages and that they have access to healthy foods on a regular basis. The Araku Coffee farmers work hard to cultivate a sustainable, ecologically friendly coffee crop that is full of beneficial nutrients such as nitrogen, iron, calcium, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, and calcium.