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Araku Coffee - A Unique Coffee Culture

Araku Coffee continues to soar to new heights with demand soaring every month. This is mainly because of the delicious aroma and robust flavor, that only this coffee can provide. Coffee lovers and gourmets will truly enjoy every sip and every mouthful. See more here.

As of late, Araku Coffee has always won rave scores from industry insiders as well as consumers. Araku Coffee's consistent excellence is attributed to its award-winning organic coffees grown in the Araku region of the Indonesian island. The farmers here are very proud of their accomplishments and are very happy to share the next phase of their journey with us. They are very excited about the prospects and would like to share with all the passionate coffee drinkers the exciting results of the third phase, which is soon to be launched.

Araku Coffee's portfolio currently consists of more than forty premiums and sub-premium grades. Araku Coffee will further introduce new premium grades of organic Coffees, Chai, and Tea blend to its already overwhelming list of offerings. The unique hybrid coffees produced here have an earthy aroma, a hint of spice, and a smooth body. In addition to this, the farmers use the best Arabica varieties available to ensure that each crop in the Araku valley is free from insect infestation and survives the challenging journey of the fertile land.

Throughout our efforts to meet the needs of coffee-loving consumers, we have noticed a common ground among many of them, and this is where our focus initially began. Araku valley is situated at the confluence of three major rivers: Sombra, Beas, and Banda. All three rivers contribute to the unique rich soil composition and ecosystem of Araku. Due to this, the land is largely suitable for large-scale plantation of various crops including coffee. This led to the establishment of the first Araku Coffee plantation by small marginal tribal farmers in and around the region, which led to the successful cultivation of Araku coffee.

From Araku Coffee, several different generations have benefited. Araku Coffee farming has played a vital role in shaping the economy and social structure of the smallholder farmers in the region. Araku Coffee farmers work the land with modern instruments and technology while tending to the crop of their beloved coffee. They use modern machinery to harvest the coffee and process the quality of the Best Instant Coffee into fine gold. Thus, we believe that if Araku Coffee farming succeeds, not only Araku village but also the people of Araku district will benefit from this amazing initiative of the state government.

Araku district located in the foothills of eastern Himalayas, India is endowed with lots of natural beauty and rich flora and fauna. This natural paradise has been one of the major attractions for travelers all over the world for centuries. Araku valley is blessed with diverse landscapes like gorges, waterfalls, springs, green valleys, lofty peaks, beautiful lakes, tea and spice plantations, etc. Thus Araku coffee plantations are located at strategic points on the border of Araku and Siliguri districts in the Assam State of India. The most prominent and renowned valleys where Araku Coffee plantations are located are Lake Bicholim, Dharamshala, Nalimba, and Gangtok. This romantic valley is famous for its scenic beauty and unique culture.

Most of the coffee trees here grow wild. This makes the coffee grown here rare and different from other trees in India. Araku Instant Coffee is mostly obtained from small-holders who cultivate the trees themselves. Araku Coffee plantation is also supported by some large-scale and even big farmer families. Single Origin and Dark roasted Araku, as well as Medium roast and Espresso Araku, are produced here.

Araku Coffee is also considered a regenerative beverage. The best way to describe Araku Coffee is that it is a type of premium coffee, which originates from regenerative farmer families who grow coffee beans using natural methods without using chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. The unique regenerative process of Araku Coffee enhances the flavor and aroma of the final product. Single-origin and Dark roasted Araku, as well as Medium roast and Espresso Araku, are sold widely across India. Araku Coffee is a symbol of pure Indian coffee and is deeply appreciated by connoisseurs across the world.