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How Coffee Grows

When you are shopping on the internet for coffee, you will find so many different choices your head will spin.  Here’s the best way to narrow down your choices:  only choose organic coffee.  Not only will organic Boomi instant coffee taste much better than non-organic coffee, but you will be doing your part to help save the earth.

It’s not just about all the pesticides and other chemicals used in non-organic coffee growing.  It’s also the rich biological diversity of the warm tropical forest that you are helping to preserve for future generations of coffee drinkers.

Another Way

Growing coffee in huge open fields the way we would grow corn is not the only way to grow coffee.  It might be more efficient and cost-effective, but it’s not ecologically friendly. Extensive open coffee plantations are not good for the health of the earth.

When farmers care more about the earth, they plant coffee trees in the already existing forest.  They only remove the lowest level of the forest, the lowest branches of trees.  This way, the coffee grows in the most natural way possible. 

Growing coffee in the understory of a tropical forest means the farmers don’t have to put in so much time because the forest takes care of itself.  However, they also don’t get a huge, profitable yield.  What they get, however, is better-tasting coffee and lower investment costs.


Polyculture is when farmers grow other plants alongside the coffee crops. Usually, the other plants are things that can be sold like fruit and vegetables and timber. Not only does this save the natural habitat, but it also provides an economic cushion for the farmers when coffee prices aren't high enough.  


Another advantage of growing trees the natural way in the shade is the quality of the beans produced. Coffee trees that grow in the shade actually have a longer lifespan than trees grown in the sun.  With a longer lifespan, the farmer can increase his profits.  Waiting for a coffee tree to mature enough to produce beans can take three or four years.  Having a tree that lasts longer saves a lot of money.  

Also, in some areas of the world, producers can charge higher prices for shade-grown coffee because people appreciate the better quality and the better taste of the shade-grown coffee.

The quality of shade-grown coffee is also better than sun-grown coffee because these trees produce a larger bean that takes longer to mature.  With this longer maturation rate, the beans have an opportunity to grow into a better flavor, such as the flavor you find in Boomi instant coffee.


Coffee trees are actually pretty finicky when you get down to it.  They only like higher elevations, and they crave shade.  The other factor they desire is the perfect temperature.  When coffee is grown in its natural shaded habitat, the rainwater is retained.  Retaining rainwater keeps the forest from getting too hot for the picky little coffee trees. 

So, get back on the internet, and choose shade-grown organic Boomi coffee.  It’s an easy choice. 

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