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The Best Tasting Coffee

It should come as no surprise that the best-tasting coffee grows naturally.  It grows organically as nature intended.  People have been drinking this organically grown coffee great-tasting coffee since about the 15th century. Artifacts found in Sufi shrines suggest that the first use of coffee as a drink came about when the people of Yemen roasted and brewed the beans the same way we do today.  


Back in the day, coffee beans would be harvested by hand from trees that sprang up naturally in the warm tropical forests scattered around the world.  These small, shrub-like trees would be spread out through the forest the same way any other tree would be.  Native people would harvest the coffee by picking the beans by hand and sell them to support themselves.


In the 1970s, a fungus called coffee leaf rust was killing the organic coffee trees.  Besides, big agricultural companies wanted to find a way to grow more coffee at a lower price.  In response, coffee scientists developed a coffee tree that would tolerate full sun.  

Unfortunately, in order to grow coffee trees in full sun, you have to clear-cut the warm tropical forest to have a nice open spot to plant coffee trees in long rows.  Having coffee growing in the sun kills the fungus.  It also dramatically increases the yield per acre because now producers can use picking machines rather than picking by hand.

Mother Earth

Unfortunately for all of us, clear-cutting the tropical forest is not good for the earth, and therefore not good for us.  Producers increase their profits, but thousands of acres of natural habitat are lost.  The desire for mechanization of coffee production has only grown through the years.  A 2014 study of sun-grown coffee shows us that the proportion of land used for shade-grown coffee has been steadily falling since 1996.

Non-organic Coffee

If people are looking for the best taste in coffee, they need to keep in mind how the coffee is produced.  Taking coffee out of the shade where it grows naturally changes the taste. It just doesn’t taste as good as the coffee in the Sufi shrines would have tasted.

But more important than changing the taste, sun-grown coffee changes the earth.  The clear open fields destroy forest habitat.  Destroying the habitat destroys the species that needed that habitat to live.   When coffee trees grow in the shade, that shade provides a home for hundreds of different birds, butterflies, bats, insects, and plants.  

All these habitat residents contribute to the delicate taste of shade-grown Boomi coffee.  The birds eat the harmful insects, so no pesticides are needed.  The bird and bat dropping fertilize the soil, so no artificial fertilizers are needed.  

The next time you lift a cup of coffee to your lips, think about the taste for a moment.  If that coffee is organically grown like Boomi instant coffee, that taste will tell you a million different things.  The main thing it will tell you is that Boomi coffee doesn’t help destroy the earth.  

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