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Health Benefits of Coffee You Didn’t Know About

Despite the caffeine and everything, coffee is a surprisingly healthy beverage. This is thanks to the high levels of antioxidants and beneficial nutrients it has. Studies have also shown that people who drink coffee often are less likely to catch some serious diseases. Below are a few health benefits of Organic Instant Coffee that you didn’t know about.

Boosts Metabolism

As mentioned earlier, coffee contains caffeine, which is one of the few substances that has been found to speed up the fat burn, especially in young and lean people. This is from a study that showed coffee could spike metabolism rate by 3 to 11 percent. However, this only works with black coffee as a latte or cappuccino will have milk which has a lot of calories. You can also try taking Instant Coffee without sugar to increase the effectiveness as sugar also contains a load of calories.

Lowers Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Just as it was highlighted earlier, coffee drinkers are less likely to catch serious diseases which in this case is type 2 Diabetes. Several studies, including one in the journal Diabetologia, concluded that drinking at least three cups of coffee a day could go a long way in reducing the risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes. Some argue that it can be as much as by up to 50 percent. This is possible because coffee contains many compounds, some of which are known to reduce insulin resistance.

You Get to Live Longer

In a study that was aimed at showing the relationship between drinking coffee and the risk of mortality, it was found that drinking one to five cups of coffee a day reduced the likelihood of death among more than 200,000 men and women. The team of researchers was unable to pinpoint the exact reasons, but it was pointed out that coffee contains many compounds, some of which help to lower insulin resistance as well as inflammation levels in the body.

Makes you Happier

While this is not exactly a direct health benefit, it is easy to link happiness to a healthier life. Coffee contains caffeine which apparently reduces the risk of depression by about 20 percent when you have about four cups a day according to Harvard School of Public Health research. However, it is important to note that this only happens with caffeinated coffee. Drinking decaf or replacing coffee with tea, soft drinks, chocolate, or other beverages with a lower amount of caffeine doesn't produce the same effect.

Protects Your Liver

Drinking 2-3 cups of Strong Instant Coffee every day can go a long way in keeping your liver healthy and preventing any liver disease. Coffee has the effect of improving liver functions, reducing the risk of liver cancer, and enhancing treatment for hepatitis C. This is all down to the antioxidants present in the coffee.


It is worth pointing out that as much as drinking loads of coffee can be beneficial to your health, too much of it can also be bad for your health. It is therefore important to consume it in controlled amounts.

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