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4 Different Ways to Brew Coffee at Home

There are many different ways through which you can brew your morning cup of coffee, although most people are only aware of one or two methods. Your method of choice simply depends on the appliances you have at your disposal as well as the flavor you’re going for. Time is also a huge deciding factor because some methods take a relatively long time. So, if you enjoy taking the time to use a more hands-on approach to prepare your morning Araku Instant Coffee, here are a few brewing methods to try out. 

Siphon Method

Just like the name suggests, this method involves the use of a siphon machine. That fact alone makes it a very rare method, and only baristas use it as much. Other than that, it is intricate, beautiful, theatrical, and produces a delicate, tea-like cup of Best Instant Coffee. How this works is water is placed on the bottom part of the machine, after which it is heated. After some time, it starts to boil, which pushes it towards the upper part of the machine. Once the water reaches optimum temperature, add your coffee and then stir a little. After that, remove the siphon from the heat source. The sudden withdrawal will cause a change of pressure which, when coupled with the force of gravity, will draw the coffee down through the filter to the bulb.

Pour Over Method

This is the most widely used method, and it is easy to see why that is so. It doesn’t require too much effort or the use of any sophisticated machinery, and all you need is a filter paper and dripper. All you need to do is fit the paper on the dripper and then add your coffee to the filter paper. Let the hot water run through the dripper, and you can collect your coffee from the other side. This method produces a smooth textured coffee with a nice balance of sweet and sour. The paper filter holds back oils and undissolved coffee particles from the final cup bringing out a clear mouthfeel.

The Coffeemaker Method

This method is almost similar to the pour-over method, with the only difference being that this time, everything is automated. For this, you’ll need a machine (coffeemaker) that has a water tank, filter paper, dripper, and a collecting jug. The only thing you have to do is add an appropriate amount of Araku Coffee to the filter paper, make sure the tank has adequate water then switch the coffeemaker on. It should heat the water and slowly pour it over the coffee and into a collecting jug.  

French Press Method

This method involves a pot or container-like apparatus in which you soak the coffee grounds in hot water and allow the flavor to diffuse through. After about ten minutes, you can filter out your coffee into a cup and flavor it as you wish. This method produces coffee with a heavy, dense texture and can be quite concentrated.


There are plenty of other methods you can use to brew your coffee, although these are the most popular ones. Again, your method of choice mostly depends on the amount of time and the tools at your disposal.

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