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Araku Coffee has its own fan following. This is because Araku Coffee blends the best of traditional techniques with state-of-the-art technological advancements. Araku Coffee is basically subjected to the world's best coffee-makers, including Araku Coffee's local partners, local growers, and experts in the specialty area. Araku Coffee has been acknowledged by a number of prestigious coffee awarding bodies, including the prestigious Grandmaster's Club and the Master Coffee Club of South America. Sandy Springs, GA can be seen here.

Araku Coffee is characterized by a balanced combination of rich flavor, aroma, and the most coveted qualities of a good cup of Instant Coffee - a smooth yet bold taste with medium strength. Araku Coffee has a strong taste, with added acidity from selected combinations of organic acids and natural flavor components indigenous to the Araku region of southwestern India. The specialty coffees grown in Araku Province in India are renowned for their distinctive quality. Araku Coffee has been exposed to some of the best international coffee franchises, including the popular Gems of Araku Competition adapted from the Cup of Excellence by Cups International and Specialty Coffee Association of South America.

Medium Roast Instant Coffee enjoys a remarkable richness in taste due to the fact that its flavor is maintained longer in the air than most coffees. The longer time spent in the air preserves the distinct flavor of Araku Coffee. Araku Coffee farmers also use organically grown arabica beans, which yield premium quality beans that are free of bugs and are more resistant to adverse weather conditions. Arabica trees are particularly common in Araku province, giving Araku Coffee its distinctive flavor.

Organic agriculture in the Araku region supports coffee production and processing that benefit both the environment, local farmers, and the local economy. Araku Coffee's environmental footprint is reduced through the use of ecologically sustainable agricultural methods. Araku Province is located in the State of Gujarat, India, in the foothills of the great Himalayas. Araku Coffee farming communities employ traditional methods of cultivation and agriculture, with a strong focus on community development and social welfare.

Traditional Araku Coffee farming communities protect the local environment by creating a balance of natural and social order. They take pride in their gardens and natural resources and value the shared value of health and well-being to be passed on to their children and grandchildren. Araku Coffee farmers work in close association with their community members to address the basic health issues and cultural aspects of Araku society. Through the collective efforts of these groups, the Araku Coffee producers have developed a sustainable rural economy dependent on a diverse range of natural resources. They produce high-quality fair trade coffee that benefits the rural community and the global coffee market.

Araku is named after a Hindu goddess and is considered one of the seven holy places of India. The word Araku comes from two Sanskrit words - ara signifies "water," and gat means "mountain". The Ganges is regarded as the main river for transporting the water needed for irrigation and agriculture throughout the country. Araku's geography includes the Aravalli and the Guhat-Khoa valleys, which are considered to be part of the tribal areas. Araku Valley lies in the middle of the Eastern Ghats, in the Eastern Indian states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, and the state of Madhya Pradesh in India. Araku has also played a major role in shaping the socio-cultural and political landscape of South Asia, specifically India.

Araku Coffee has emerged as a globally acclaimed specialty coffee, popular for its delectable taste and its ecological benefits. Araku has become a benchmark in the development of regenerative agriculture, the use of organic coffee beans in small-scale agriculture, and the promotion of tribal farmers in remote rural communities. Araku has achieved worldwide popularity as an exclusive premium gourmet brand, known for its quality and for its dedication to the environment. Araku Coffee promises to create exciting opportunities for the tribal farmers and for the rural workforce in India to improve their lives by taking them away from the grinding rocks and mortar of the traditional plantations and giving them a chance to live their lives the Araku way, enjoying the delicious taste of Araku Coffee.

Araku Coffee is a premium grade Arabica variety grown on the slopes of Araku National Park in the Indian State of Kerala, Southern part of India. Araku coffee enjoys a unique geographical position and is the only coffee variety from the Araku region which is totally enclosed by the mountain slopes. The coffee slopes are separated by intermittent streams and rivers, which nourish the coffee crops. Araku Coffee has an optimal growing condition due to the presence of alkaline soil with a high content of nutrients like potassium, calcium, and magnesium. It is one of the best-selling coffee varieties in the local market in India and is used by most well-known coffee brands as well as international coffee companies due to its superior taste and aroma.