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Is Instant Coffee Healthy?

It is easy to see instant coffee as a lesser option when so many other options are available for brewing coffee - French press, automatic drip, pod brewing, cold brew. Coffee, regardless of how it's brewed, offers many of the same health benefits: heightened alertness, powerful antioxidants, and potential benefits for the heart and brain. Can instant coffee ever be a better choice than other forms of coffee? Let's explore.

 Is Instant Coffee Healthy?

 The caffeine content can be controlled more easily. Caffeine sensitives, pregnant women, nursing mothers, or those with other health problems who still love coffee have an option with instant coffee. For breastfeeding and pregnant women, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists recommends no more than 200 mg of caffeine per day.

 A cup of instant coffee's caffeine content depends on how many teaspoons of instant coffee granules you use. In contrast, coffee shop cups brewed by baristas are notorious for having variable caffeine content depending on whose coffee grounds are measured that day as well as how tall the pour is.

 Similarly, the cups you brew yourself can vary greatly. Caffeine content varies depending on how and where coffee is grown - country of origin, shade or no shade, and altitude. Additionally, lighter roasts have more caffeine. Due to all these variables and different brewing apparatuses, it's pretty difficult to determine the caffeine content of a cup of coffee.

 Having the ability to add whatever you like to your cup is another health benefit of instant coffee. K-cups can contain sugars and cream-like processed ingredients. Those tasty, but sugary, flavors can be pumped up extra generously by baristas, which can increase calories intake.

 Instant Coffee Can Be More Eco-Friendly

 Last but not least, instant can be argued to be more eco-friendly. One completely recyclable glass jar of coffee can make a lot of cups of coffee, so there is pretty much no waste.

Besides its numerous health benefits, instant coffee has even more antioxidants than other kinds of coffee. With instant coffee, you can easily adjust the amount of caffeine and the flavor. Companies like Boomi Coffee, provide 100% pure Arabica Instant coffee, that is not only rich in the aroma but also healthy for coffee lovers.