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Araku Coffee - A Unique Type of Coffees From Southern India

Araku Coffee continues to win awards as high as ever with its continued focus on quality and excellence. Since its humble beginnings in 1987, Araku Coffee continues to perfect its quality and brand image. As of today, Araku Coffee consistently wins high scores from industry experts as well as consumers. They are very proud of this achievement and are truly thrilled to announce the next 12th annual season of gems of araku will be coming online soon. Learn more here.

Araku Coffee was founded by two farmers who had the vision to cultivate a true organic coffee. Araku Coffee farming is a collective effort between Araku Farmers and selected certified organic coffee brokers. With the assistance of these brokers and organic farmers, Araku Coffee maintains its position as one of the most recognized and admired coffees in the market today. Araku Coffee has worked hard to sustain its position as one of the best coffees available today.

All Araku Coffee's farmers have gone through special soil and farming methods to nurture and protect the coffee beans they grow. The rich flavor in Araku Coffee comes from the exquisite care taken by the farmers to ensure that the right amount of nutrients are being given to the coffee beans. This is what helps make Araku Coffee one of the most delicious coffees you'll ever taste. Certified organic farmers have been carefully chosen to continue this legacy.

Araku Instant Coffee grows in the Araku Valley in Andhra Pradesh, India. Araku Valley is one of the major agricultural complexes situated in the southwestern part of India. The area has a humid climate with average rainfall throughout the year. The most important irrigation system for Araku Coffee occurs in the channel of the Aravalli River. Araku Coffee, in partnership with the Andhra Pradesh Government, has made it possible to cultivate Araku Coffee all throughout the year.

Araku Coffee and its products are renowned for their distinct Arabica coffee taste. But what is it about Araku that makes it so special? Araku Coffee uses the finest Arabica beans that provide its unique flavor. It is said that the best Araku Coffee originates in Andhra Pradesh in the Southern region of India and that the quality of Araku varies from one area to another.

Small-scale localization has allowed Araku Coffee farmers in Araku Valley to use their own methods and develop their unique blend of roasts, blends, and roasting times. Today Araku Coffee plantations cover almost all the regions of northern Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu in India with respect to the climate zones. And though small-scale localization has ensured consistent harvests, commercial production has also become a reality in many countries. In the last few years, the demand for Araku Coffee in the international market has increased enormously and now Araku blends of Arabica beans have been adapted for commercial production as well.

The coffee grown in Araku Valley is renowned for its aroma and taste as it is a very mild variety of coffee. It is also known for its medicinal properties due to the presence of antioxidants. Araku Coffee blends of Arabica beans are used to produce Araku Powder, Araku Tea, Araku Kebabs and Araku Oil. Araku Tea is the national drink of Andhra Pradesh, Southern Indian states like Tamil Nadu and Kerala, and also popular in other states of India. Araku Coffee plantations cover almost all the regions of northern Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu in India with respect to the climate zones.

Araku Coffee lovers can try Araku Coffee on its way to becoming a cafe culture icon in India. Araku's uniqueness is well reflected in the cafes that serve Araku’s blend of coffees in different parts of India. Araku's legend has evolved through time with time; it has been associated with several legends and myths across the country. Araku's popularity as an herbal cure is also traced back to its origin in Kerala. Araku's unique taste and aroma have made it a sought-after commodity across the globe and are now available in different forms, shapes, and varieties, even at online shops.