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An Ultimate Guide: Instant Coffee

Coffee is such a tempting temptation many may not be able to resist since it beats regular coffee hands down in terms of convenience, cost, and accessibility. In reality, nearly 50% of all coffee intake now corresponds to this factor. However, do you really know whether or not the benefits of instant coffee really pertain to instant coffee as well? Since both are basically caffeine-free or decaffeinated preparations made from coffee grinds ground from certified Arabica beans, one would think that the two have essentially the same qualities. But since their brewing time is different, how does one compare the two? Information can be found here.

The biggest difference between the two is that instant coffee has a faster brewing time and thus has a significantly richer flavor as compared to coffee beans that are ground for a day or two before brewing. Instant coffee does not lose its flavor when heated to full strength. However, it does lose its aroma and flavor as a result of being subjected to heat and moisture. Instant coffee is made to be consumed quickly, which makes it an enjoyable beverage for consumers who like a richer, warmer, and quicker cup of Joe. On the flip side, coffee beans that are freshly roasted have an extended shelf life meaning they retain much of their natural flavor when roasted. Many find this aspect of the bean more enjoyable than that of instant coffee.


The benefits of instant coffee may be that it is a convenient option for people on the go or individuals with very little time to sit down and brew a full pot of Joe. However, many experts agree that if you truly want convenience and a superior cup of Joe, then you would be better off opting for traditionally brewed coffee at home rather than settling for instant coffee when you can brew a better cup at home. The biggest benefit of the traditional brewing of coffee is that there are consistent pressure and heat with each cup, which provides a rich taste in a short period of time. Instant coffee is essentially just a variation of that process, giving consumers similar results but with the added convenience and ability to enjoy a superior cup of Joe when they want it.