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Whipped Instant Coffee Recipe You Need to Try

Whipped Instant Coffee Recipe You Need to Try

Instant coffee is with us to stay: even today, it accounts for 13% of coffee consumption worldwide, and even up to 50% in some countries.

As compared to traditional ground coffee, instant coffee from Boomi Coffee is much quicker and easier to prepare, yet it has the same flavory taste and smooth texture. If you would like to explore the gourmet world of instant coffee, here a must-try instant coffee recipe.

Quick Whipped Instant Coffee Recipe

With the simplicity of its use, Araku Boomi instant coffee is the perfect ingredient to test your creativity and discover new, unusual ways to get your cup of coffee for the day.

The Whipped Coffee recipe is as simple as it gets: all you need to do is to whisk together instant coffee, sugar, and water – to receive a frothy, creamy mixture served over warm or iced milk.

Originally, it was a type of Korean coffee called Dalgona coffee, but, today, it gains more and more popularity all around the world. It’s a fancy, but easy-to-make coffeeshop drink that can be easily made at home.

How Do You Make Whipped Coffee?

  1. Mix 1 tablespoon each of sugar, water, and Araku Boomi instant coffee. One tablespoon of each ingredient will translate to a single portion, so you can always double or triple the recipe.
  2. Whisk everything together. After a few minutes, you will notice that the consistency is changing from liquid dark coffee to a lighter and thicker texture. Keep whisking until you see a frothy, creamy whipped coffee. It should look almost like peanut butter.
  3. When the consistency of the mixture becomes thick enough to keep its shape, you will see peaks formed on the whisk. That’s when you are done with whisking.
  4. One final step involves spooning the mixture over water or milk, giving it one last stir, and enjoying! You can choose to serve it over hot or iced milk or water.

Tips for Making Whipped Coffee

Here are a few tips that will make this instant coffee recipe even easier:

  • Use an electric mixer to speed up the process. If you whisk by hand, your hands are likely to get tired after a few minutes of whisking. Instead, take a milk frother or a stand mixer to speed up things. It will still take at least 5 minutes, however.
  • Use hot water for best results.  You can use cold or room temperature water, but hot water works faster and forms a better consistency.
  • Mix the whipped coffee with a spoon before drinking. It’s interesting to serve the whipped coffee right on top of your drink, but, to experience the full texture, mix it around. At this point, the drink will look much like a frappucino.
  • Whisk the ingredients in a bowl. When whipped, the coffee gets fluffy by interacting with air. Use a bowl rather than a mug or a jar, as a tall container will not allow enough air to circulate around the mixture.

Explore the World of Instant Coffee with Boomi

Instant coffee has so much more to offer than we are used to thinking.

Araku Boomi instant coffee has a unique aroma and fruity flavour, which make it the perfect choice for your experiments with instant coffee recipes. Shop Boomi instant coffee today.

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