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What Is the Difference Between Robusta And Arabica Coffee?

What Is the Difference Between Robusta And Arabica Coffee?


The words Arabica and Robusta coffee are likely to be familiar to anyone who has spent any length of time around coffee. But what exactly does this mean?

To put it simply, Arabica and Robusta are words that relate to the "species" of coffee that it is derived from and is grown in. There are about 100 different varieties of coffee, but the Arabica and Robusta varieties are the most regularly consumed. We've produced a concise overview of the distinctions between the two species to aid you in your quest to learn more about coffee! Enjoy!

What Is the Difference Between Robusta and Arabica Coffee?


The flavor of Arabica and Robusta coffees is, without a doubt, the most noticeable distinction between them. Due to the vast differences in how Arabica and Robusta coffees are farmed, the two varieties have significantly distinct flavor profiles (more on this later). When it comes to flavor, most people describe Robusta as "earthy" or "rubbery." Arabica coffee, on the other hand, has a diverse range of flavor profiles to choose from.

Growing Conditions

In terms of growing conditions, there is a significant difference between Arabica and Robusta coffees. In mountainous and tropical regions, Arabica coffee is cultivated at elevations of 600 meters or higher. Robusta coffee, on the other hand, can be cultivated anywhere from sea level to approximately 600 meters in elevation. Aside from that, Robusta coffees generate a tougher fruit that is less prone to attack by annoying insects. However, Arabica is more delicate and susceptible to harm from bugs.

Sugar Content:

Arabica coffee contains roughly twice the amount of sugar found in Robusta coffee. This would explain why Robusta coffee has a harsh flavor and why people tend to prefer Arabica coffee over Robusta coffee in general.

Bean Traits:

Robusta beans are typically rounder in shape and darker in color than other types of beans. Arabica beans, on the other hand, are often lighter in color and more oval in shape than circular.


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