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Origin of Coffee and Coffee in India

When the cold winter freezes us from inside, doesn’t a cup of hot brewing coffee tempt us for a sip? Just imagine the smell, the hotness, and it feels like a liquid hug from someone we love.

And ah! Our heart melts with happiness and serenity.

Can you relate this to your life and you’re bonding with coffee?

Well, I believe this is a great love story between coffee and every coffee lover.

Coffee is like magic in a cup for us, which acts as our stressbuster. However, you will be astonished that, like the super-awesome taste of coffee, coffee’s history and origin is also incredible. You can’t imagine how a small bean of coffee was smuggled and traded from its origin and later became one of the World’s most popular beverages.

No more intro about coffee, but hold your breath as I am now going to amaze you with the story of the origin of coffee globally and in India.

The Discovery of Coffee in the World:

Did you ever wonder where coffee came from?

Yes, Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee.

(I just want to bless Ethiopia for presenting us with this amazing drink)

The most fascinating discovery story of coffee is the story of Ethiopian Kaldi and his Dancing Goats.

The story goes thus- One day, Kaldi finds his goats to be acting peculiar. Now you might wonder how do goats act peculiarly? Well, Kaldi’s goats surely did! He found out that his goats were eating some red berries and dancing. Kaldi then bumped into a monk and showed him the berries. He asked the monk about the red berries. But the monk was not happy with the use of the berries. He threw them into the fire, and then the miracle happened. These red berries on fire created a beautiful aroma around them and eventually led to roasted coffee.

Even though this story’s reliability is still up for debate, we know one thing for sure that coffee came from Ethiopia. From Ethiopia, coffee came to Yemen. Do you know why one variant of coffee is also known as Mocha? This is because the ports in which it arrived first in Yemen was called Mocha. It became so popular all over Egypt, Turkey, and Yemen that people started opening ‘coffee houses. These ‘coffee houses’ were called the ‘Schools of the Wise.’ People went there to share and gain more information. And then even people of Asia and Europe started buying coffee from Yemen. From Africa to Europe to Asia, it slowly started becoming famous all over the World.

The Origin of Coffee in India:

Well, by now, you know the birth of coffee. But I’m sure you would be really curious to know how coffee came in India. So, there goes the story of an Indian Sufi Saint responsible for the origin of coffee in India.

Coffee first came to India during the 1600 D. A Sufi saint, Baba Budan was responsible for India’s origin. What happened was, this Indian saint was going on his pilgrimage journey to Mecca. While going there, he stopped in Mocha, the port city of Yemen. There he had a refreshing drink called “Qahwah.” This was basically coffee in the form of a dark and sweet drink. He liked it so much that after getting to know that this drink is made from coffee beans, he secretly smuggled seven coffee beans to India in Chandragiri hills of Karnataka.

Origin of Boomi Coffee- the one of its kind

After the first plantation in Chandragiri hills of Karnataka, coffee plantations gradually became popular in the southern part of India. With time, it was planted in the foothills of Araku valley as well. However, slowly it seemed that Araku Valley coffee is becoming more popular worldwide for its unique texture and aroma.

However, planting coffee beans and making a cup of coffee has hundreds of steps involved in between. Hence, the cost also rises with each step engaged.

But, for making coffee available to people all over the World, at an affordable price, Boomi coffee took a step forward.

Boomi Coffee is a 100% natural coffee, made from pure Arabica beans from the Araku Valleys of India. Boomi endeavors to link the gaps between quick, delightful, and affordable coffee. The unique differentiation process extracts the most flavor out of each bean, making the coffee as awesomely tasty and aromatic as possible.

Wrapping up

This was how coffee came to India, gradually it spread all over southern India and Boomi coffee was developed. Boomi coffee steadily became one of the top coffee exporters in India. And now it is among the most popular instant in USA. There is something about going to a coffee shop filled with the exotic aroma of coffee that makes me happy. And I think coffee-lovers like me will surely agree to this! But even having a warm mug of coffee wrapped in your cozy blanket sounds equally impressive.

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