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Is Instant Coffee Bad for your stomach?

Without a doubt, instant coffee is one of the most convenient ways to prep your favorite cup when brewing is out of the question. Unfortunately, most coffee lovers have complained of an upset stomach due to the quick fix coffee.

With that in mind, is instant coffee bad for your stomach? Well, keep reading on to find out more about this sweet delicacy.

Instant coffee is designed to have a long shelf life. And that’s not all! This instant cup of your delicious brew offers as many benefits as regular coffee, such as increased metabolism, decreased type 2 diabetes symptoms, and increasing longevity. However, this cup of sweetness also has a downside to it. And in this case, there’s the stomach upset problem that’s been linked to instant coffee.

Reasons why instant coffee affects your stomach

There are a couple of reasons why coffee gives you an upset stomach. But that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a cup of coffee. That said, stick around to the end, and I’ll share with you a solution to your troubles. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the reasons why you are experiencing an upset stomach, shall we?

1.    Sensitive stomach

Your stomach might be sensitive to the coffee’s acids. Yes, you heard that right! I know this might be a bit absurd, considering that our digestive tract has different acids. Digestive acids are the machines that break down whatever we consume. However, when the acid is too much, then it can be a problem. Some of the signs that you have too many gastric acids include bloating, discomfort and belching.

Even though these symptoms are mild, they can get to your nerves. And most coffee lovers suggest that drinking coffee also leads to acid reflux. Thankfully, through in-depth research, you can now get an instant coffee that has low acidity.  With that in mind, you need to find an instant coffee that has low acidity but still works as the right pick-me-up when you are feeling down. Another way to reduce the acidity is by brewing coffee with cold water. The cold water reduces the acidity by close to 66%. But the best solution for acidity is trying out less acidic coffee.

2.    You are sensitive to caffeine

Before we get started, understand that I’m not trying to confuse you-no, siree! I was hoping you could take a minute to read through this section to understand the point I want to put across. We all know caffeine is good for our health. Caffeine encourages your stomach to produce more acid, which could lead to better digestion. That said, the caffeine might not be too acidic for your belly. On the contrary, it will only boost your stomach acidity to a comfortable line.

More importantly, caffeine also encourages your stomach to work faster, hence the laxative effect. That is why if you are suffering from constipation, coffee works as an adequate remedy. Now here’s the tricky part. Unfortunately, caffeine can be a catalyst for other stomach issues related to acidity. To some people, caffeine can be a real problem.

With that in mind, there are ways you can reduce the effects of caffeine on your body. For instance, you can reduce your intake of coffee. I don’t mean altogether abandoning coffee-no siree! If you were taking two cups a day, you could take one cup a day. Another way to curb caffeine acidity is by eating a banana. The alkaline nature of a banana will reduce any extra acids created by drinking caffeine. Additionally, coffee with less acidity will also help.

3.    Drinking coffee on an empty stomach

Caffeine is an intense drink. I’m sure we can all agree on that. It’s rich in complex flavors that act as excellent pick-me-ups. However, if you plan to drink coffee on an empty stomach, you will run into tummy problems.

I mean, what do you think the caffeine molecules and extra acid are going to do in your stomach if there’s no food? And yes, you will end up with an upset stomach, for sure! All I’m trying to say is that coffee is bad for you on an empty stomach. That said, ensure you eat something with or before taking your 3 in 1 coffee drink.

The Solution: Boomi Instant Coffee

As you can see, instant coffee barely has anything to do with your upset stomach. If you can maintain healthy eating and reduce the acidity by taking alkaline fruits, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy your favorite drink. But we’ve discovered that coffee with less acidity is better for you if you have any stomach issues. That said, Boomi Instant Coffee got you covered.

This Araku coffee contains a unique flavor and aroma that’s mouthwatering. The taste is exclusive to the arabica coffee plantation found in high altitude areas. What’s more, the Boomi instant coffee is cultivated by the tribal community of eastern ghat under natural shades in the Araku Valley region, India. Boomi is created using a unique extraction process that preserves all the natural flavors and aroma. What’s more, this coffee doesn’t contain any filler or additives. It’s completely 100% pure arabica coffee beans.

The best part about enjoying this cup of Araku coffee is that it’s smoother and less acidic. Meaning, Boomi Instant Coffee is the ideal choice for experiencing an upset stomach from drinking your regular flavors. More importantly, Boomi Coffee is available in your local stores, online stores walmart and boomi coffee.

Take Away Message

Instant coffee is worth your time. However, we should all practice ‘responsible’ coffee drinking routines. That will help reduce the acidity and any mild symptoms that come from it. On top of that, you should only drink instant coffee that has less acidity. And with that in mind, Boomi Instant Coffee is the right choice for you. Try it today!

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