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How to make instant fluffy coffee at home in 5 mins?

When there is a sudden guest at home on a summer evening or afternoon, the first thing you will serve them is cold to drink. If you do not have any such readymade drinkable option at home, one thing that comes to your mind is cold coffee.

But again, when you think about cold coffee, you think of impressing your guests with a super perfect fluffy coffee. During the lockdown period due to COVID 19 pandemic, one such option that got quite famous is the Dalgona coffee. Noticing at the super fluffy coffee, you might think of the complex ingredients and the efforts behind it. But in reality, you can prepare the fluffy coffee for your guests or so in just 5 minutes with just a few simple ingredients such as araku boomi instant coffee.

The Ingredients:

When you are preparing anything in your kitchen, ingredients play a major role. If you are not getting the right ingredients, you will not get the right results. The ingredients for the instant fluffy coffee are quite simple and very much available in your home quite often. So, what are the ingredients that you will need for this coffee option?

  • You can take any instant coffee powder (preferably araku boomi coffee) that you have at home.
  • You will require some warm water.
  • Sugar.
  • Chilled milk.
  • Ice cubes.
  • You can use a hand blender or even your blender machine for the preparation.

Though you have got the ingredients right, make sure you are taking them in the right proportion to get the right result.

The Preparation:

Now when you are ready with the ingredients, here is the step-by-step method of preparing your perfect instant fluffy coffee at home and that too in just 5 minutes.

●     The Proportion of Ingredients:

The proportion of the ingredients depends exactly on how much coffee you are about to prepare or how many people you need to serve. Usually, you need to take an equal quantity of instant coffee powder, warm water, and sugar. So, if you are making just one cup of coffee, you should take 1 tablespoon of each of them. But if you are preparing the coffee to serve in a tall glass that can hold more quantity, you can take 2 tablespoons of each of the ingredients. If you wish to make the coffee a bit strong, you can take more coffee powder and vice versa.

●     The Fluffy Texture:

When you have taken the right ingredients in the right proportion, you can surely come up with the best results ever. Here, we will make one cup of instant fluffy coffee and will take the ingredients accordingly.

Take 1 tablespoon of warm water, araku boomi instant coffee powder, and sugar each in a bowl and blend it well with the help of a hand blender. It should not take more than 4-5 minutes to get some good fluffy and frothy texture.

If you do not have a hand blender, you can also blend the ingredients in a blender and blend it again for 5 minutes.

●     Getting the Coffee Ready:

After you are ready with the fluffy texture, it is time to get the coffee ready now. There are two ways how they can get the coffee ready.

Put the fluffy mixture in a cup along with a few ice cubes and then pour chilled milk over it. Stir the mixture, and the coffee is ready.

The second way is more presentable and perfect for both cups and tall glasses.

  • Put half of the mixture in the cup or the tall glass first.
  • Pour chilled milk over the mixture in the cup or the glass and stir well.
  • Now put some ice cubes in the mixture to offer it an even more chilled experience.
  • Now, put the rest of the fluffy mixture over the drink with the help of a spoon.

While the first way is quite fast to make, the second option may take a minute extra.

●     Serving the Coffee:

You can serve instant fluffy coffee in a coffee mug or in a tall glass, as mentioned earlier. When you are serving in a coffee mug, you can either mix the entire fluffy texture in the milk to offer a thick coffee texture. Again, when you are serving in a tall glass, you can top up the coffee with some of the bubbly mixtures and can place a straw in it.

You can also add up chocolate syrup or choco chips to the drink to get an even richer look and taste. If the coffee mixture has become very thick, you can also offer a spoon along with the drink.

It is always fascinating to see the coffee houses serving heavily fluffy coffee. You can easily prepare the same texture at home, too, with just a few ingredients and the right technique. Get that impressive instant fluffy coffee in just 5 minutes and let your guests admire your talent at cold coffee making.

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