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How to make delicious instant coffee?

When you visit a cafe, you have a range of options for your coffee. If you visit a cafe once in a while, it is a different thing for you. But if you are a coffee addict, you may crave coffee at different times of the day. Of course, you cannot visit a cafe each day whenever you are craving coffee. One of the best ways in such a case is to make instant coffee at home to quench your craving.

If it is a winter morning, you will surely wish to sip on a warm cup of coffee. But you may also wish to enjoy a chilled coffee drink during the summer noons. Here, you can learn both the ways of making instant coffee to get the coffee ready as per your mood.

Warm Instant Coffee

Warm instant coffee is the most common option that people enjoy. Whether it is about waking you up in the mornings or staying up late at night to complete your work, a cup of hot instant coffee always does the work. Here are the step-by-step methods of preparing a cup of hot instant coffee.

  • In a cup, put instant coffee. You can put the coffee depending on how much strong you want your coffee to be. If you wish to have a medium flavor, you can put a teaspoon of coffee. But if you want a strong aroma and flavor, you can put in 2 teaspoons of the coffee or so.
  • Now, warm a little water, something around half a cup. Now, again this also depends upon your taste. If you want your coffee to be a perfect and crisp one, you should add up half a cup of warm water to the coffee. But if you are in love with the coffee’s milky texture, you can add up about 1/3rd cup of warm water to the coffee. Make sure that you do not boil the water as it may damage the aroma of the coffee.
  • Stir the coffee in the water well for some time, dissolving all the coffee quite well in the water. 
  • After the coffee is mixed well in the water, warm up the milk. You can bring the milk to a boil if you want.
  • Now add up sugar as per your desire and add and mix well.

Your delicious instant coffee is ready to wake you up in the mornings.

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