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Four Alcohols to Add Flavor to Your Coffee

We all enjoy spiking our coffees every once in a while, to get that extra kick on top of the caffeine. Alcohol has become a very popular ingredient among coffee lovers as it adds something extra to your cup of coffee. Depending on the flavor you’re going for, there are different types of alcohol you can add to make the Low Acid Instant Coffee – alcohol combination. Curious as to which alcohols you can try out? We’ve outlined four of the best alcohols to make your cup of coffee interesting.


Generally, rum is sweet in nature with about 5% sugar so you would naturally expect it to go well with coffee. To get the best of your rum-spiked coffee, all you have to do is add a shot of any rum to your cup. Ensure that it isn’t too much otherwise the rm will take over and you won’t enjoy your coffee as much. Also, considering rum’s natural sweetness, we recommend using a dark roast coffee verging on the edge of bitterness, to balance out the flavors. Click here to read about Medium Roast Instant Coffee.


Another alcohol that goes really well with coffee is whiskey. Whiskey is especially popular with Irish coffee which is the go-to hot drink on a cold winter’s day where you have nothing to do. Its rich and smoked aspects make it a perfect pairing for coffee as they balance out giving you the best of both worlds. The darker the roast, the richer the whiskey pairing should be. It is important to ensure that you match your coffee and whiskey notes because otherwise, you’ll end up with just coffee and whiskey and not a harmonious winter beverage. You could also add Irish cream to your whiskey-laced cup of coffee if you’re looking for that sweet and smooth texture.


As you would expect, Kahlua is another type of alcohol that could go really well with your cup of coffee. For those who don’t know much about it, Kahlua is a sweet Mexican liqueur made from rum, sugar, and arabica coffee. All these components are what make it a perfect partner for your coffee. The natural coffee flavor makes it easier to pair with your cup of coffee, but it can easily overpower your coffee if it is a light roast. For that reason, we recommend adding Kahlua to dark roast in order to bring out the alcohol’s sweetness and you’re assured of the Best Instant Coffee. 


If you’re looking for alcohol to pair with lightly roasted coffee, brandy is the one for you. It's lovely sweet and fruity tone adds the missing piece to your light roast coffee creating an explosion of flavors in your mouth. Brandy with coffee is always ideal for a cold day when you’re looking for something to warm up the body but you also want that little bit of edge.


As we’ve seen above, there are plenty of different ways you can use alcohol to flavor your coffee. Your choice just depends on what you have available to you and what you enjoy.    

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