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Different kinds of arabica coffee beans

Different kinds of arabica coffee beans

The Arabica coffee bean is a member of a large family of plants that includes hundreds of different varieties. Some of these kinds are unique to specific coffee-growing locales, while others are grown in a variety of locations around the world.

 The following are some of the most widely recognized varieties of Arabica.

 Typica: Typica is believed to be one of the first coffee kinds, and it is from this variety that other coffee variations are derived today. It is well-known for producing a clean, sweet cup of coffee. Typica is often cross-bred with the other types in order to develop a certain taste.

 Bourbon: Despite the fact that the word Bourbon seems like a well-known alcoholic beverage, it is actually a coffee bean that is pronounced Bor-BONN in this context. Chocolate and berry overtones are present in the flavor profile. By crossing the Bourbon plant with different varieties of Arabica, a plethora of new varieties are created.

 Caturra: A natural hybrid of the Bourbon strain, Caturra was discovered growing in Brazil during the 1900s, but it thrives better today at higher altitudes in Central America than it did in Brazil. This variety provides coffee with a light body and a citrus flavor that is characteristic of the varietal.

 Catimor: Caturra and Timor beans were used in the development of this cultivar, with the latter being a hybrid offspring of Arabica and Robusta. Despite the fact that Catimor has inherited the strong characteristics of the Robusta bean, some strains cultivated in Nicaragua, El Salvador, and India have a mellower flavor.

 Jackson: The Jackson type, which was developed in the African countries of Burundi and Rwanda, is quickly earning a name for itself, thanks to its subtle acidity and delicate flavor.

 Mocca/Mokha: Known for its rich chocolate flavor, this little bean grows in Hawaii and Yemen.

 Mundo Novo: This bean, which is a natural hybrid between Bourbon and Typica from Brazil, is frequently used as a foundation for other popular types. On its own, it's a little bitter with a dash of caramel sweetness to balance things out.


 These are some of the common kinds of arabica coffee beans found around the world. If you want to try coffee made of 100% pure Arabica coffee beans, then we suggest you try Boomi Instant Coffee.

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