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Have you ever wondered how Boomi coffee keeps producing the best tasting instant coffee in the world?  It’s not an accident.  Boomi stays on top of all the latest research into coffee growing and production.

Coffee Research Institute

India actually has an organization totally devoted to researching and developing coffee.  The Coffee Research Institute researches coffees, develops new strains, protects quality, provides market information, and generally does everything it can to promote coffee production in India.

One of their essential tasks is to train estate managers and plantation supervisors in the best ways to grow coffee.  Extension offices help local small farmers with their questions.  They also research biotechnology and molecular biology in order to develop pest and disease-resistant coffees.

Regional Coffee Research Station R.V.

This part of the Coffee Research Institute was established in 1976.  This is the part of the institute that establishes quality control for the coffee that Boomi uses.  Regional Coffee Research Station R.V. was established in 1976 to promote the development of coffee growers in non-traditional areas.  This area has about 7 acres under coffee.  

The Coffee Research Station was established initially to promote coffee growing in an area that historically did not grow coffee, although it has the perfect conditions for growing coffee.  The point was to help the tribal population move away from the ways they used to farm.

One of the ways they were growing crops was called podu.  In this system, the farmers clear different areas of the forest each year by burning everything.  This clearly is not an eco-friendly way to farm.  The other way they were farming was called shifting cultivation.  In this system, the natives farm a plot of land and then abandon it after it produces a crop.  The farmer goes on to another plot while the original plot goes to weeds.

These practices did not allow for sustainable crops and did not allow the native farmers to ever become economically self-sufficient.  When the Coffee Research Station came in, they taught the farmers how to grow coffee crops under the forest canopy in an organic way.

This stopped the slash and burn practices that were slowly destroying the forest.  Of equal importance, the native farmers were able to improve their own economic conditions.  

This is precisely where Boomi comes into play.  Boomi purchases the organic coffee beans from the tribal populations in Andhra Pradesh and processes the beans in India.  It's a win-win for everyone – for the earth and for indigenous farmers.

The India Coffee House

With more and more people raising coffee in India, coffee houses began to sprout up.  The first Indian Coffee House opened in 1957 in New Delhi.  The excellent taste of Indian coffee allowed the coffee house to expand over the country.  Other chains have also grown up in India.  Today coffee drinking is continuing to grow in popularity over the traditional practice of drinking tea.  

With the advent of organic Boomi instant coffee, drinking coffee will undoubtedly become more of a popular activity all over India.

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