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4 Ways You Can Purchase Our Medium Roast Instant Coffee

How You Can Purchase Medium Roast Instant Coffee From Boomi Coffee

Are you currently searching for the best medium roast instant coffee to consume every day? Maybe you are only an occasional coffee drinker. Either way, Boomi Coffee is ready to give you the best coffee that you’ve ever drunk! On top of being the best tasting coffee, it is also the best instant coffee! This means it is quick and easy to use. Every purchase helps Araku tribal farmers, which is another reason to invest in our instant coffee.

When it comes to purchasing our instant coffee, our company gives you many options for where you can buy from. Four ways that you can purchase our medium roast instant coffee include:

  • Our Store

  • Amazon

  • Walmart

  • Local Indian Grocery Stores 

Our Store

The first option that we offer to purchase our medium roast instant coffee is through our own store! Our store is located online, which you can find by navigating to our website. When you visit our store on our website, you will be brought directly to our instant coffee. You will be given three options to choose from, including 2 Jars, 4 Jars, and 6 Jars. 

We accept many options of payment methods, including PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, Mastercard, and more. Also, there is a big benefit when you order from our website; you can get a 5% discount as a new customer! To receive your exclusive discount, you can provide your email address to us on our website to join our email list. After doing this, we will give you a discount code that you can apply at checkout.


A second method to purchase the instant coffee from Boomi Coffee is through Amazon. Amazon is a trusted e-commerce company that works with many distributors and sellers. This multinational company ships around 1.6 million packages a day of various products to customers all around the world. 

If Amazon is a source for purchasing that you trust most, we are happy to share that you can now order our Boomi instant coffee from their website. We have made the product page on Amazon easy to navigate from the shop tab on the top of our website.


Another option that you can choose to purchase our medium roast instant coffee is through Walmart’s website (online only). While everyone knows what Walmart is, they are a highly trusted and reliable source when it comes to online purchases. Similar to Amazon, you can easily find the product page for Boomi Coffee at Walmart by navigating to the shop tab at the top of our website.

Local Indian Grocery Stores 

Lastly, our trusted coffee distributor also sells Boomi instant coffee in local Indian grocery stores. This option is perfect for customers that do not want to purchase online. If you prefer to purchase in person as you may not like to order things online for whatever reason, you can check your local Indian grocery stores to see if they sell Boomi Coffee.

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