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3 Steps Toward Making Our Medium Roast Instant Coffee

How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Our Instant Coffee

Are you a normal coffee drinker? Maybe you are an occasional coffee drinker? No matter if you make coffee twice a day or you make coffee once a week, making the process easier is always beneficial to everyone. When you make our instant coffee, you will find that there are many benefits, such as saving time to your morning or daily schedule. Not only can you save time, but you can save money as well by choosing our strong instant coffee.

Compared to other types of coffee, our instant coffee is very simple and easy to make. With some other types of coffee, you have many aspects to worry about, such as coffee pots, keeping it clean constantly, buying new coffee filters regularly, and so much more. Rather than worrying about all of these aspects, you can make your coffee drinking experience stress-free and enjoyable.

Making our instant coffee is easy and can be completed with just a couple of steps. Three steps toward making our medium roast instant coffee include:

  • Add Boomi Coffee

  • Pour Liquid

  • Finish With Sugar 

With all of these steps, you will understand how easy your coffee-making experience can be. No matter if you make coffee every day or not, speeding up the process and eliminating unnecessary steps can be beneficial for everyone. You may find yourself saving money at the grocery store weekly, saving time in the morning, not being late to work, and so much more. If you are interested in purchasing our delicious Indian grown instant coffee, continue reading to find out the simple steps toward making a cup.

Add Boomi Coffee

The first step toward making your first cup of Boomi Coffee is purchasing it. To purchase Boomi Coffee, you can visit our website and place an order through our online store. You can also order Boomi Coffee online through Walmart and Amazon. If you would like to make your purchase in person, you can also search for Boomi Coffee at your local Indian grocery stores.

Once you have your Boomi Coffee, you will need to add the correct amount to your mug as the proportions need to be correct for the perfect cup of strong instant coffee. Start by adding 1 teaspoon of Boomi instant coffee to your cup!

Pour Liquid

When adding 1 teaspoon of Boomi instant coffee to your cup, you need to ensure that you also add the correct amount of water so that your coffee is as strong and flavorful as it is intended to be. Once your coffee is added to your cup, you can continue by adding 6 fl oz of hot water over the top. While many people prefer to use water, a lot of people also prefer milk as an alternative, which is also a great option!

Finish With Sugar 

After following the first couple of steps, the process is complete! However, you can choose to make additions, in the end, to personalize your medium roast instant coffee to your liking. After adding the coffee and the liquid, you can add sugar if you’d like, as well as creamer if you prefer. Once adding these in the end, don’t forget to stir your perfect cup of coffee, and enjoy!

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